Thika Counseling Centre

Thika Counseling home –  was established 2014 as an in-patient Counseling facility for the treatment of substance addictions and co-occurring disorders.
Our main program known as the 12 step of the Alcoholic & Narcotic Anonymous program is structured to last 90 days.
Our holistic approach to recovery focuses on the body mind and spirit. Recovery is maintained because Thika Counseling Home not only treats addiction issues but the person as a whole.
Alot of emphasis is placed on intermediate care, to treats the personality, because the personality is the soil in which recovery is planted. Our job is to tend that soil; to make a patient’s personality fertile so that recovery will grow deep roots and recovery blossoms.
Thika counseling Home takes pride in helping our residents gain self control over their addictive behaviour and heal the emotional and psychological problems which drive them to self medicate with drugs or alcohol
Location: Thika, Off Thika-Garisa Highway, past Makongeni and Thika Garrison, Landless road, Dodoma close, which is directly opposite Pakjel Plaza , Find Thika Counseling Home on your right hand side. Mobile 0702103841 / 0738317630.

Nairobi Counseling office was established in 2011 and is located in Nairobi CBD, Kenyatta Avenue, Suite 404, Uganda house. The Nairobi office only offers an aftercare & Re-integration program. It is therefore only open to persons in recovery, who have already completed the 90 days program at our centers.
The Nairobi office operates on Tuesday and Thursday and on formal appointment.
Satellite outpatient offices are located in Mapa house 5th Floor, Biashara street, Kiambu town and 2nd floor, NJengi Plaza, Limuru town.
Substance Abuse treatment Philosophy
The substance abuse treatment philosophy at Psychosocial Healthcare Services (PHS) is based on the American Medical Association’s definition of addiction as a chronic, progressive, primary illness affecting the physical, emotional, and spiritual well-being of the individual and family.
(PHS) provides an integrated, holistic continuum of care for individuals with addictive disease and co-occurring psychiatric disorders such as addiction with coexisting depression, unresolved grief, personality problems, and their accompanying emotional and physical problems. Treatment for addiction is both comprehensive and individualized, as (PHS) functions primarily as an alcohol recovery center, drug abuse treatment center, and addiction rehab center for young adults, professionals, and general adults in need of treatment

Speak to an addiction treatment specialist on +254 702 103 841. to explore options for treatment of the afflicted and affected family members.Email: Twitter:@Thikarehab.

Nairobi Counseling Office

The Counseling Camp – Murang’a (Kenol) (Coming Soon)

Kirinyaga Counseling Home

Rehabilitation admission requirements

The person with substance use disorder either voluntarily or involuntarily can be admitted within our official working hours, that is, between, 7am and 6Pm. However, we make exceptions when prior arrangement are made with our office.

Persons with substance use disorder is admissible into our facility and program if he/she meets the following requirements:
•    He/she accepts to undergo treatment for the required time, that is 3 (three) months or more without a break.
•    He/she desires to abstain completely from tobacco/cigarettes/cannabis, heroin/khat/alcohol/prescription drugs and any other mood altering and psychoactive substances.
•    She/he accepts to abide with the centre’s norms and cardinal rules and enters that in writing or the gurdian/sponsor signs the involuntary admission form.
•    He/she is accompanied by at least an immediate family member or significant other person/sponsor, who agrees to support the treatment process and enters that in writing. The significant other should also opens a personal effects account with the office.
•    He/she brings enough clothing/ shoes/towel/toothpaste/soap/shoe polish/mosquito net/writing materials, and other personal effects.
•    There are no visits for the first 30 days counting from the day of admission. Visits shall later be allowed only once a month during family days and family therapy sessions.
Contact the administration for further guidance.
•    All payments shall be made to “LIPA NA MPESA” Till Number 397290