Relationship problems are often challenging to deal with because of the simple fact that relationships are a complex interactive environment where two people are trying to live in harmony.

Hidden agendas and issues around control and trust and commitment can complicate any marriage or relationship, sexual problems can leave one partner feeling embarrassed and isolated and also leave the other feeling unloved or rejected.

Learn new communication skills.

Not many people actually communicate at a level that makes a relationship work well. How many times have you felt hurt by a partners actions or words but have never said so, you just ignored or buried it away, or left it simmering until it builds up into a major explosion of anger or frustration. Talking leads to better relationships and online counselling is worth trying before it gets out of hand. Better communication leads to better relationships.

How Can online counselling help me, how does it work?

By talking to a therapist with Skype you can explore and clarify the thoughts and feelings centred on your ability to communicate effectively your emotional needs to others.
With counselling over the Internet you can explore the aspects of your internal needs and external experiences to allow a clearer picture of who you are and what you really need from a relationship, it can help you find a new clearer understanding of how to help your self or even find a new way forward.
As social beings we need the company or social interaction with others to fulfil our needs, both emotionally and physically, we need the support network that friendships and family provide us with to help in times of emotional turmoil and need.
Some of the most important relationships are the ones that we experience in our childhood, the emotional support that is given or withheld can shape the way we attach to others in the future, our childhood can set the building blocks for our future relationships.
As children we are nurtured within a family and social network that provides us with the safe environment to explore our world and to grow emotionally, and in time we ourselves provide the support for others as we grow, but for some this is an ideal that they never fully experience, perhaps from physical, sexual, or psychological abuse. The ability to grow emotionally can be replaced with a distorted view of life that can lead to a distorted view of their needs within any relationship.
This can have a number of repercussions in later life, from subconsciously (not knowingly) looking for and finding abusive relationships in the future or push people away to limit the likelihood of it happening again. Not all people need to have suffered such tragic abuse to find relationships a problem, seemingly simple behaviors can destroy a relationship from within, feelings of insecurity or low self esteem can lead to a person feeling the need to constantly test the relationship either with constant physical needs like being constantly clingy or demanding lots of sex to unfounded jealousy and out bursts of anger.

Other benefits  include

  • Understanding of anger and frustration and what it means for you.
  • End confusion and uncertainty.
  • Learn to work past a divorce or separation.
  • Work on self esteem issues and confidence issues to improve the quality of your life.
  • Find new ways to get what you need emotionally that may also improve the physical side of your life.
  • Working with issues such as anger you can learn how to understand and use emotions constructively and become more self assertive without being aggressive.