Over the past two decades, drugs and alcohol abuse has rapidly increased risen to an unprecedented level. At the greatest peril are the teenagers who are deliberately and tactfully recruited in to the drug culture through personal factor, uncontrolled media and social exposure. Teens camp aims at bringing together boys between ages of 12 – 15 years to educate them on dangers of Alcohol and drug abuse, media influence, peer influence and dangers related to premarital sex.

Educational Topics
•    Effects of Alcohol and drugs on mind, school, family relations.
•    Self esteem and assertive skills against negative peer influence.
•    Life coping skills when faced with substance use situation
•    Puberty stage of development
•    Communication

Other educative activities during camp
•    City or CBD Visit
•    Referral hospital visit
•    University visit

Career Guidance
•    Emerging post high school careers
•    Best post high school careers

Mind Play
•    Scramble
•    Chess
•    Monopoly
Organized groups like church affiliated men/ women groups, saccos, residential associations who have teenagers between the ages of 12 and 15 can liaise with us for a teens camp during the school holidays.